Saturday 24 November 2007

GSoC Aknowledgments

I would like to thank several people for their help in my Google Summer of Code project:

I also want to express my general gratitude to some particular organizations and projects:

Friday 23 November 2007

GSoC Status Update: November'07

It has been three months since I posted the Final GSoC project status. It's time to report what happened with the remaining tasks.

The tasks that I've completed since then are:

  • Perform code profiling to find bottlenecks and deficiencies in mod_multicast. Improve the code.
  • Once I make all the possible optimizations: perform benchmarks to check mod_multicast's effect in CPU, RAM and traffic consumption.
The tasks that I haven't completed yet are:
  • Wait for ejabberd code reviewers, in case I need to fix any problem in my XEP-0033 patches for ejabberd before they are applied to ejabberd trunk.
  • Discuss potential security and spam vulnerabilities (talk in JDEV and JADMIN mailint lists).
  • Add XEP33 support to ejabberd's Pub/Sub and/or PEP service once their codebase is stable.
  • Wait for Peter Saint-Andre's questions regarding his XEP-0033 update.
So this adventure has not ended yet.