Friday, 13 April 2007

Proposal accepted at GSoC 07!

So, my proposal was accepted at Google Summer of Code 2007.

During this summer I will implement Extended Stanza Adressing on ejabberd. Since I don't have experience on protocol implementation, I will first experiment implementing/updating smaller protocols, like Delayed Delivery and Contact Addresses for XMPP Services. Finally, if I have enought time at the end of summer, I'll update the current implementation of Service Administration.

With all this work I will not only add some features to a widely used Jabber server, but also get more knowledge of XMPP internals, I'll get more involved on the XSF, and will experiment on Erlang and ejabberd coding.

Extended Stanza Addressing does not only reduce bandwidth usage on the local Jabber server, but also on the destination servers. So adding support for this to ejabberd will benefit the wide federated XMPP network. Or something like that... ;)

The posts related to this project will have gsoc tag, and this is the gsoc RSS feed.

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