Tuesday, 17 April 2007

What we expect from a GSoC student

I found some recommendations for GSoC developers, which may seem obvious, but are quite useful:

What we expect

- Clean (see CodingStyle).
- Working (try to do small changes, step by step, returning to a working state as often as possible).
- Tested (setup a local test wiki, write unit tests, ...).

- For developers (e.g. docstrings)
- For users (where appropriate - e.g. as CHANGES entries or Help* wiki pages).

* Regular communication:
- Stay online on #moin-dev.
- Talk about your plans and what you do.
- Ask for help if you are blocked.

* Regular work:
- Citing Google: "your main activity for the summer".
- There must be at least 1 push to your public repo for each day you worked on your project (try to do clean commits, 1 commit per feature / per sub task).

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