Saturday 9 June 2007

Extended Stanza Addressing: initial commit to SVN

I've sent to ejabberd-modules SVN the initial commit of mod_multicast, the module for ejabberd that implements Extended Stanza Addressing (XEP-33).

It's an independent component. It only acts passively: when a user or server sends a packet, it checks and routes.

This version implements almost all the tasks described on the protocol: wait for packets, query other servers and components for support, cache responses, verify age of cache responses, check packet syntax and route to final destinations, either local or remote.

I think the only missing feature is to clean the cache every X time. After that, I want to verify the access control works correctly both for local users and remote users/servers.

Implementing XEP33 is not the end of my project. It seems that's only the beginning: that XEP needs some parts to be rewritten, and several aspects to be added. For example, error reporting; how exactly to use with MUC and Pub-Sub.

There isn't yet a public dummy server where people can try the implementation. For now, you can get the code from SVN, compile, install on your ejabberd server and try. Please don't use this on a production server! Tobias Markmann has already commented that will try it. /me crosses fingers.

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