Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Almost final GSoC project status

A month ago I posted my Midterm GSoC project status, and remaining work.

Since the previous status update I completed those tasks:

The remaining tasks that I'm aware of, from now until the end of my GSoC project are:
  • Implement or update as much as possible XEP133 Service Administration in ejabberd.
  • Perform code profiling to find bottlenecks and deficiencies in mod_multicast. Improve the code.
  • Perform benchmarks to check mod_multicast's effect in CPU, RAM and traffic consumption.
  • Prepare and submit patches to ejabberd bug tracker.
  • Upload final code to Google Summer of Code hosting.
  • Wait for ejabberd code reviewers, in case I need to fix any problem in my code before commiting to ejabberd.
  • Discuss potential security and spam vulnerabilities (talk in JDEV and JADMIN mailint lists).
  • Add XEP33 support to ejabberd's Pub/Sub and/or PEP service if their codebase is stable at the time.

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