Monday, 6 August 2007

GSoC status update: collateral tasks

During the last week I haven't dedicated time to code in my GSoC project. Instead, I focused in other stuff not directly related, but that I consider important too.

I summarized my proposed changes to XEP33 in the XEP33 wiki page, and pinged Stpeter to take a look.

I participated in the discussions in the ejabberd mailing list about ejabberd project management, release cycle, bug tracker, etc. I hope in the next weeks there will appear documents that describe ejabberd project management, how to submit patches...

I also started to learn basic Emacs usage (it took me a full day to customize it to my needs). I'm a Vim guy, and I find it better suited for programming, but now I'll use Emacs for SVN tasks. Emacs helps with ChangeLog writing; psvn.el helps with SVN; and erlang-mode provides a standard code indentation system, among other things.

This week was not completely lost, after all. In fact, GSoC is not only to just 'produce code', but also to learn. And I learned a lot this week.

Ahh! I also started to practice car driving, for the first time in my life. There isn't a particular reason to learn now and not before. Well, maybe I thought: if I started learning Emacs, why not car driving? Self-learning rules.

Now it's time for GSoC coding. I'm designing, coding and testing XEP33 addresses limits in ejabberd's mod_multicast.

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