Sunday, 19 August 2007

Final GSoC project status

A week ago I posted my Almost final GSoC project status.

Since the previous status update I completed those tasks:

  • Implement or update as much as possible XEP133 Service Administration in ejabberd.
  • Prepare and submit patches to ejabberd bug tracker.
The tasks that I haven't completed and my plans to complete them are, in no special order:
  • Perform code profiling to find bottlenecks and deficiencies in mod_multicast. Improve the code. - I'll focus in that topic from now on.
  • Once I make all the possible optimizations: perform benchmarks to check mod_multicast's effect in CPU, RAM and traffic consumption.
  • Wait for ejabberd code reviewers, in case I need to fix any problem in my code before they are applied to ejaabberd trunk.
  • Discuss potential security and spam vulnerabilities (talk in JDEV and JADMIN mailint lists).
  • Add XEP33 support to ejabberd's Pub/Sub and/or PEP service once their codebase is stable.
  • Wait for Peter Saint-Andre's questions regarding his XEP-0033 update.
  • September 7th: Upload final code to Google Summer of Code hosting.
The Google Summer of Code 2007 has finished, so those remaining tasks fall out of the scope of my GSoC project timeline. However, I consider them important for my own personal project timeline. So you can expect me to work on all of them at some time.

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