Saturday, 18 August 2007

ejabberd gets XEP-0133: Service Administration

One of the minor tasks in my Google Summmer of Code project was to implement in ejabberd as many of the 31 commands described in XEP-0133: Service Administration as possible.

Aleksey Shchepin already implemented many commands in ejabberd more than 4 years ago. A year and a half ago Magnus Henoch updated them to use XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands. So, I just had to update them a little to become XEP-0133 compliant:

  • 23. Send Announcement to Online Users
  • 24. Set Message of the Day
  • 25. Edit Message of the Day
  • 26. Delete Message of the Day
The commands that I implemented from scratch are:
  • 1. Add User
  • 2. Delete User
  • 5. End User Session
  • 6. Get User Password
  • 7. Change User Password
  • 9. Get User Last Login Time
  • 10. Get User Statistics
  • 13. Get Number of Registered Users
  • 15. Get Number of Online Users
  • 30. Restart Service
  • 31. Shut Down Service
Other commands are not implemented, and I didn't add them because I consider ejabberd already provides other ways more suitable:
  • 8. Get User Roster
  • 18. Get List of Registered Users
  • 20. Get List of Online Users
  • 27. Set Welcome Message
  • 28. Delete Welcome Message
  • 29. Edit Admin List
And finally, I didn't implement those commands because they use features not available in ejabberd:
  • 3. Disable User
  • 4. Re-Enable User
  • 11. Edit Blacklist
  • 12. Edit Whitelist
  • 14. Get Number of Disabled Users
  • 16. Get Number of Active Users
  • 17. Get Number of Idle Users
  • 19. Get List of Disabled Users
  • 21. Get List of Active Users
  • 22. Get List of Idle Users
During this task, I found and reported some typo errors to the author of the XEP (Peter Saint-Andre).

Finally, I tested most commands with Tkabber SVN, Psi SVN and Gajim SVN. Sergei Golovan quickly fixed a small bug in Tkabber, and now all three clients work perfectly :)

I'm quite happy with the result, so I took this screenshot that depicts the impressive list of commands that allow an administrator to configure ejabberd just with a Jabber client:

Note that the commands are nested in the Service Discovery to allow the admin to find them easier.

The patch is available here. I hope it has quality enough to enter ejabberd trunk easily, so it is published in the next major ejabberd release.

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