Saturday, 18 August 2007

Multiple replyto and enforce all them in XEP33

Yesterday I was chatting about XEP33 with Elmex in the ejabberd chatroom. He point me to a strange topic in this protocol:
`There MAY be more than one replyto or replyroom on a stanza, in which case the reply stanza MUST be routed to all of the addresses.'
Here is the chatroom log.

What does that mean? If a client receives a message with extended stanza addresses, and 100 replyto or replyroom, and the user wants to answer, XEP33 forces the client to send the response to all 100 addresses. Why should we allow the sending entity to enforce the receiving entity to answer to all address, instead of giving him the power to answer only to some? In the email world is this enforcement also present?

I think this topic could be reconsidered for the next XEP33 version.

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